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During the Lost in Migration conference we will:

  1. Take stock of the progress achieved since the adoption of the EC Communication on the protection of children in migration
  2. Identify good / promising practices in the implementation of the commitments at the local level, especially by local authorities
  3. Outline recommendations on the way forward


Objectives of the Conference:

The goal of the conference will be to discuss challenges and progress in implementing the Commission’s Communication on the Protection of Children in Migration. It will bring together authorities from the local, national and European level as well as experts, researchers and civil society organisations around the main issues addressed in the Communication:

  1. Root causes and protecting children along the migratory routes
  2. Identification and protection
  3. Reception
  4. Access to status determination procedures and implementation of procedural safeguards
  5. Ensuring durable solutions
  6. Respect and guaranties for the best interest of the child in data, research, training and funding


In order to effectively collect good/promising practices in implementing the actions outlined in the Commission’s communication around those topics, a call for good practices was launched in coordination with the Partnership on the Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees of the Urban Agenda for the EU. The analysis of these practices and the conclusions of the conference will feature in a publication to be disseminated both online and in print.

The first edition

The first edition of Lost in Migration brought together 160 professionals and experts to discuss the child protection challenges that lead to disappearances of these children. The conference strongly supported the call for a european comprehensive approach on the issue of children in migration, and the conclusions of this conference, outlining operational and policy recommendations to Member States and Institutions, were endorsed by over 50 organisations and shared with national and European authorities.

In February 2017, Members of the European Parliament submitted an oral question in plenary, calling upon the Commission to follow up on the recommendations of the Lost in Migration conference. In April 2017, the European Commission eventually adopted the long-awaited strategy through the Commission Communication on the protection of children in migration, outlining 37 priority actions for the European and national level. The strategy heavily drew upon and cited the conclusions from the Lost in Migration conference.